Saturday, December 10, 2011

Birth announcements

I am going to post pictures of Wyatt's party tomorrow after I have properly gone through them all, but for now I want to make a post for the birth and pregnancy announcements I have up on pinterest...

I have been SO surprised at how many times they've been pinned, and I can imagine it is pretty annoying to not have a link to follow, so I am going to link them to here :)

So, here is the gist. I have made the cards and announcements myself, and I do sell them to those who are interested. Generally I charge $5.00 for an existing card (personalized to your stats etc.), and $10.00 for a brand new one (if you have any ideas etc). I do not print the cards or frame them, instead I send a JPEG image to you via email, and you can print it off yourself at any print locations. (I accept payment via paypal)

That being said, I do NOT recommend Walmart... I find that their printer changes the colour, and it isn't always a nice change. I do recommend ordering online through shutterfly, as I find their pictures tend to be true to the photo.

So in case you are totally confused by this post, here are some of the announcements of which I speak:

I am selling them all on my etsy site, which can be found here:

If you have any more questions, or if you are interested in having one of these made for yourself or a friend, please feel free to contact me at

Wyatt is ONE!!!

Today Wyatt turned one year old... sniffle...

To say the very least, I cried, we partied, we ate cake, we opened a bazillion gifts from wonderful friends and family. Wyatt is a very loved little boy to say the very least. He has melted the hearts of so many people over the past year, he has taught me so many wonderful and important life lessons over the past 21 months... he has been teaching me patience ever since I saw those 2 blessed pink lines!

I cannot even begin to explain how wonderful my son is. I just cannot believe that God has seen fit to give me this wonderful little person and has trusted me with his care. Sometimes I get caught up in the day to day mundane little hassles in life. But in one smart ass smirk as he runs naked through the house after a bath I'm brought back into realizing just how lucky I am.

On this day last year I had already been in labour for 2 whole days. I woke up after a half hour's sleep (they had finally sent me home to 'rest') to my water breaking and thinking 'FINALLY!'. Wyatt was born 11 hours later and weighed 9lbs 8.75oz. He was 21 inches long, born at 2:08pm.

Today, he is 28 inches tall, and 18lbs of wonderful... not quite as big as I thought he would be when he came out a 9 pounder!

Wyatt crawled at 4 months, 3 weeks. He took his first step at 7 months, 2 weeks. He walked away from me with confidence at 9 months 3 days... it has been nothing short of an amazing year.

Happy birthday, love!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Yep, I'm horrible at this

Buuuuuut... I do have a new adventure to share!

Yesterday Wyatt and I watched the last Harry Potter movie together (epic)... which got me thinking about doing another adventure if he agreed to sit nice. I started out simple, I didn't want to have a huge mess to clean up if he didn't cooperate.

Here is the final product! Not our best, but better than nothing!

And I have another countdown picture! I love this one :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

27 days!

Yet another outside picture today :) We've had the most beautiful snowy weather the past couple of days, not warm enough for the snow to melt, but not cold enough that I felt it necessary to stay indoors all day (which I might add doesn't take much).

After church we went grocery shopping, and while I unloaded, I set Wyatt free (having an early walker definitely has it's perks!). When I was done I grabbed my camera and took a couple shots... they could be better, but I wasn't too ambitious while still in my skirt and dress shoes (brr).

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Challenging myself!

I take a lot of pictures of Wyatt... and when I say a lot, I mean several a day. My Mother in law jokes 'It's a photo shoot every day at Caitlyn's house', and she's right. So really there is no excuse for why I go so long without posting anything.

Back when Wyatt was first born I started digi scrapping his baby book. I absolutely love it, as it has a picture for every day of his life, and every single first you could possibly imagine. Obsessive? Probably. I've gotten a few comments about my 'need' to record my child's every move. Regardless, it makes me happy, and I'm sure that one day he will look back on it and be entertained and hopefully thankful for my hard work.

So, moving on... my challenge to myself is to post a new picture of Wyatt every day until his birthday (December 10). Kind of like a birthday countdown. We'll see how well I do throughout the next month as to whether I continue it into the new year.

So here is day 28: We got our first serious snow today, which I wasn't too excited about, but I decided since it was still relatively warm I would take Wyatt outside... he wasn't all too impressed at first to say the least, but after a few minutes once he realized rolling around in the snow wasn't a great way to keep warm, he enjoyed himself.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Our newest adventure!

WALKING!! Wyatt started taking steps on his own aro
und 7.5 months back in July, and on September 13, 2011 at 9 months, 3 days old he took off!

So needless to say, doing adventures is almost even more hopeless than it was before, seeing as he is off making adventures of his own.
However, I did manage to get this picture today, although I had to set it up 4 times before I got a decent picture

Sunday, July 10, 2011

What Wyatt's been up to now

It has been a LONG time since I've posted (much to my own dismay)... shortly after my last post Wyatt started crawling, and now he refuses to stay still for me long enough to change his diaper, much less do an 'adventure' so I am sad to say that for now, the adventures have come to an end, but I will continue to keep this updated about my busy little [now] 7 month old. Maybe in a couple years I'll have another baby to have adventures with.

But for now, here are a few recent(ish) pictures of Wyatt, taken with my new camera!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

All of Wyatt's wonderful giraffes!

I've had a bit of a creative block lately, but at around 6pm this evening the flood gates opened up and several ideas came to me all at once... of course I needed to take advantage of it, so tonight Wyatt and I did a late night adventure in PJs and all. Plus Lance is off coaching football so I'm by myself anyway.

About a week ago Wyatt started to really scoot across the floor. He has scooted a few times in the last month or so, but he hadn't really managed to go anywhere until this past week. So impressed with his success I took a video of him creeping across the floor towards his pacimal (pacifier animal), Janet (a giraffe). Since then, Janet has become somewhat popular amongst my facebook friends, so I assumed it appropriate to include her in today's adventure.

Wyatt has one other giraffe toy, the infamous 'Sophie' teething toy, which he also adores... just not quite as much as Janet; which is why in the adventure you can see him willing to give up Sophie, but not his sweet Janet. :)

20 weeks, 5 days old

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happy Belated Easter Everyone!

April has been an incredibly crazy month for Wyatt and I! We had a wonderful trip to BC and spent a lot of much needed time with my family. Wyatt got to know his older cousins, Devon and Wesley, his Auntie Kellie and his Grandma Trena.

When it was time to go home we headed up to Edmonton where we picked up my cousin Victoria who came all the way from Ottawa to see us, and we picked up Wyatt's 13 year old niece, Kailey before heading home. Kailey and Victoria were here for a week, and spent Easter with us :)

Tuesday I took Kailey home and dropped Victoria off at her hotel (her flight left at 6 the next morning), and got home in time to go to bed. The next day I had dress rehearsal for our local choir's spring show. Thursday and yesterday I had shows in the evening, and in a couple hours I leave to do our last show...

So I figured I would squeeze an adventure into our busy schedule, considering I've been meaning to do an Easter Adventure for over a week!

We had an awesome month, but I'll be glad to have a day with nothing to do tomorrow :)

April 30 2011
20 weeks, 1 day old

Saturday, April 9, 2011


We're going on HOLIDAYS!!! Wyatt and myself, that is. Unfortunately Lance is going to have to stay behind for calving, but Monday morning Wyatt and I are bringing my Mom back down south and staying there for a week or so.

So unless my sister loans us a spot in our living room, we probably won't be doing an adventure until we get back on the 21st of April :)

I also want to throw out a happy birthday to my big sister, Robin :)

Wyatt just wants everyone to know what he'll be doing when he goes to BC:

17 weeks, 1 day old
(turns 4 months tomorrow)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Wyatt's Ark

My Mom is here!!! I couldn't be happier! She caught a ride with a friend and Wyatt and I got in the SUV and picked her up on the road :)

My Mom is half of the reason I am able to pull off half of these scenes, as she has made quite a few of the blankets and quilts seen in Wyatt's adventures... most memorable of which is probably the Green blanket/quilt I use for the grass.

Upon her arrival yesterday, she and I went fabric shopping where we found a panel of fabric with Noah's Ark on it. Hence the inspiration for today's adventure :)

17 weeks old

Monday, April 4, 2011

Sir Lance-jr-alot

Lance and I got to thinking that we needed a fire breathing dragon for our little prince... and a sword, but considering that everything put in his hand tends to end up in his mouth lately (and trust me, it did) we figured that a large spoon would be safer.

16 weeks, 3 days

Saturday, April 2, 2011


A couple days ago we found out that Lance will be coaching bantam football this year (7-9 year olds); he will be coaching the offensive line, which is what he played in high school. So I figured that today Wyatt and I would do a football adventure for his Dad, as I know that Lance is pretty excited at the prospect of having someone to play football with in the future. That being said, Wyatt could grow up to be a ballet dancer for all I care as long as he is doing what he loves. In the mean time, however, I can pose him in whatever scene I want, and today that scene was football!

16 weeks, 1 day old

Friday, April 1, 2011

Wyatt's Ride

This one is for my Dad. I was considering doing an adventure that had something to do with April fools day, but I couldn't think of anything, and I got some of the most anticipated news since Wyatt was born... my Mom is coming up to visit us one week from today!!

I couldn't be more excited considering she has yet to meet him face to face. Of course this makes me very happy, but it is bittersweet knowing that my Dad will not be joining her... in person anyway.

My Dad passed away in 2008 from cancer. He was (and still is) the gentlest, most loving man I know, although Lance is a close second. We miss him dearly and it hurts my heart to know that Wyatt will never get a chance to meet his Papa. So I decided today would be as good a day as any to dedicate one of Wyatt's adventures to my Dad!

Biking was Dad's passion, so I figured this would be appropriate :)

16 weeks old

Monday, March 28, 2011

Swimming in the Mountains!

I'm home sick. Originally from Golden, BC, I now live 9 hours away outside a small town in Northern Alberta. With the road conditions in Alberta and BC being dismal this year, my mom has yet to see Wyatt in person, but I am happy to say that next Saturday she will be on her way up! I couldn't be more thrilled, and to make things even better, I plan to follow her back down south for a week to see my sister and her kids, who I haven't seen since September!

So this adventure is for them, because Wyatt and I can't wait for our trip down to Golden!

15 weeks, 3 days old

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wyatt the Bull Rider!

This adventure was Dad's idea, and it took some real convincing to get me to agree to attempting it. I have tried to make Wyatt look like he is riding horses before, and with a 3 month old who LOVES kicking his legs and squirming, it is quite the challenge. Add the fact that I had no idea how to make a bucking bull and I had a tall order ahead.

The scene took Wyatt's whole morning nap to make, luckily Wyatt decided he was extra sleepy, because he slept for a whole half hour! Lance was inside to help me out with making the bull for the front end and then had to go feed the cows, so I was by myself for the rest... Thankfully, Google has more than enough bull riding pictures :)

To add to the challenge, my poor little rodeo star has had an awful couple of days in the teething department, but after an hour of cuddles after his nap, he was in a good enough mood to have an adventure! He kicked and laughed so much that our bull needed rearranging 3 or 4 times, but after only the 4th shot, we had what I consider a perfect picture! I am so proud of my little rodeo star!
15 weeks, 2 days old

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Up, up and away!

Inspired by Wyatt's official first Disney movie: Up!

15 weeks, 1 day old

Friday, March 25, 2011

Wy and the Bean Stalk!

I was completely out of ideas today, so I decided to ask my lovely facebook friends who always seem to have great ideas :) So I got this idea from them, as well as a few others I plan to use in the next few days

Wyatt and the Bean Stalk
15 weeks old

Holiday Adventures!

Happy Valentines Day!
9 weeks, 3 days old

Happy St. Patty's Day!
13 weeks, 6 days old

HORRAY For St. Patty's Day!
13 weeks, 6 days

Some past adventures!

Wyatt Goes Surfing!
8 weeks old

Wyatt and the Sheep
8 weeks, 1 day old

Wyatt Goes Skydiving
9 weeks, 4 days old

Wyatt in Candyland
10 weeks old

Wyatt's Winter Wonderland!
10 weeks, 5 days old

Wyatt Swims in the Ocean
11 weeks, 5 days old

Wyatt and the Genie
14 weeks, 5 days old

Giving Credit Where its Due

I would love to be able to say that Wyatt's Playtime Adventures was 100% my brain child, but to be perfectly honest, it wasn't. I got the idea from a lady whose blog features her beautiful little girl Mila! Her blog is called: Mila's Daydreams and can be found at this link:

As for all of the scenes, they are all set up by myself and sometimes my husband, Lance.

The star of my little blog is my (now) 3 month old son, Wyatt. He is my sunshine, my pride, joy and the reason I get up in the morning :) I DO realize that by the time he is old enough to be embarrassed by these pictures he will be, but in the mean time, it is something that we both have a lot of fun doing! He loves smiling for everyone both in person and in pictures, and I want nothing more than to share the smile that melts my heart with the rest of the world!

For without further ado: enjoy!