Friday, March 25, 2011

Giving Credit Where its Due

I would love to be able to say that Wyatt's Playtime Adventures was 100% my brain child, but to be perfectly honest, it wasn't. I got the idea from a lady whose blog features her beautiful little girl Mila! Her blog is called: Mila's Daydreams and can be found at this link:

As for all of the scenes, they are all set up by myself and sometimes my husband, Lance.

The star of my little blog is my (now) 3 month old son, Wyatt. He is my sunshine, my pride, joy and the reason I get up in the morning :) I DO realize that by the time he is old enough to be embarrassed by these pictures he will be, but in the mean time, it is something that we both have a lot of fun doing! He loves smiling for everyone both in person and in pictures, and I want nothing more than to share the smile that melts my heart with the rest of the world!

For without further ado: enjoy!

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