Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wyatt the Bull Rider!

This adventure was Dad's idea, and it took some real convincing to get me to agree to attempting it. I have tried to make Wyatt look like he is riding horses before, and with a 3 month old who LOVES kicking his legs and squirming, it is quite the challenge. Add the fact that I had no idea how to make a bucking bull and I had a tall order ahead.

The scene took Wyatt's whole morning nap to make, luckily Wyatt decided he was extra sleepy, because he slept for a whole half hour! Lance was inside to help me out with making the bull for the front end and then had to go feed the cows, so I was by myself for the rest... Thankfully, Google has more than enough bull riding pictures :)

To add to the challenge, my poor little rodeo star has had an awful couple of days in the teething department, but after an hour of cuddles after his nap, he was in a good enough mood to have an adventure! He kicked and laughed so much that our bull needed rearranging 3 or 4 times, but after only the 4th shot, we had what I consider a perfect picture! I am so proud of my little rodeo star!
15 weeks, 2 days old

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