Wednesday, May 4, 2011

All of Wyatt's wonderful giraffes!

I've had a bit of a creative block lately, but at around 6pm this evening the flood gates opened up and several ideas came to me all at once... of course I needed to take advantage of it, so tonight Wyatt and I did a late night adventure in PJs and all. Plus Lance is off coaching football so I'm by myself anyway.

About a week ago Wyatt started to really scoot across the floor. He has scooted a few times in the last month or so, but he hadn't really managed to go anywhere until this past week. So impressed with his success I took a video of him creeping across the floor towards his pacimal (pacifier animal), Janet (a giraffe). Since then, Janet has become somewhat popular amongst my facebook friends, so I assumed it appropriate to include her in today's adventure.

Wyatt has one other giraffe toy, the infamous 'Sophie' teething toy, which he also adores... just not quite as much as Janet; which is why in the adventure you can see him willing to give up Sophie, but not his sweet Janet. :)

20 weeks, 5 days old