Saturday, December 10, 2011

Wyatt is ONE!!!

Today Wyatt turned one year old... sniffle...

To say the very least, I cried, we partied, we ate cake, we opened a bazillion gifts from wonderful friends and family. Wyatt is a very loved little boy to say the very least. He has melted the hearts of so many people over the past year, he has taught me so many wonderful and important life lessons over the past 21 months... he has been teaching me patience ever since I saw those 2 blessed pink lines!

I cannot even begin to explain how wonderful my son is. I just cannot believe that God has seen fit to give me this wonderful little person and has trusted me with his care. Sometimes I get caught up in the day to day mundane little hassles in life. But in one smart ass smirk as he runs naked through the house after a bath I'm brought back into realizing just how lucky I am.

On this day last year I had already been in labour for 2 whole days. I woke up after a half hour's sleep (they had finally sent me home to 'rest') to my water breaking and thinking 'FINALLY!'. Wyatt was born 11 hours later and weighed 9lbs 8.75oz. He was 21 inches long, born at 2:08pm.

Today, he is 28 inches tall, and 18lbs of wonderful... not quite as big as I thought he would be when he came out a 9 pounder!

Wyatt crawled at 4 months, 3 weeks. He took his first step at 7 months, 2 weeks. He walked away from me with confidence at 9 months 3 days... it has been nothing short of an amazing year.

Happy birthday, love!!

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