Monday, February 6, 2012

I've Been Told, I Guess.

This afternoon, Wyatt had another weight checkup and I had my first real prenatal appointment!

Over all it was a good appointment. Wyatt weighed in at 19.4lbs, and according to his doctor (and myself) he is thriving. It was nice to be reassured after being told at his 12 month appointment that he wasn't gaining enough weight (I thought that was old news?) and had landed himself below the 1st percentile. He hasn't climbed the charts much in the past 2 months, but he IS growing, and he IS gaining weight, even if it isn't as much as they would like to see.

After Wyatt's appointment, Lori (who tagged along to help, thankfully!) took Wyatt so that I could have my appointment in peace. The doctor found baby's heartbeat right away, and it was a very strong 150bpm! I was thrilled, especially since we had a couple reasons for thinking twins which scared us a little. We are thrilled to know that we have one healthy, growing baby on the way! He answered a few of my questions before telling me that I should wean Wyatt as soon as possible.

His reasons were these: I'm exhausted, I'm losing weight, and I don't have a lot that I can afford to lose, especially since I'm not only chasing around one busy baby, but growing another one.

When I was still pregnant with Wyatt, I intended to try everything I could to breastfeed for the whole first year. After he was born and breast feeding got off to a very difficult start, my goal was to last 3 months. After he was weaned off of the nipple shields at 3 months (a LONG time to be fighting with those stupid things), I cautiously set our goal at 6 months. When 6 months came and went without even a thought to wean, I was sure we would wean at a year. By the time Wyatt's first birthday came and I started getting questions, I had long decided to wean when he was ready, and when I got pregnant that decision didn't change... until today.

To say I am disappointed is a serious understatement. I know why my doctor wants me to wean, and I agree with him, but I cannot help but feel like I'm not ready yet. I enjoy breastfeeding and the bond that comes with it. To think that I will be losing that with Wyatt is so sad to me.

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