Sunday, February 5, 2012

Some of Wyatt's Latest 'Adventures'

Apparently, Wyatt has quite the sense of humor, and brains to go with it. Just a few things he has done in the last couple days that blow my mind:

1. A few days ago I found Wyatt in his room with my nursing cover around him like a cape, running around with it flying behind him like a super hero... this kid has entirely too much energy :)

2. The next day, he was doing this:

... and his doctors wonder why his weight gain isn't as fast as most kids... I have NO idea.

3. Yesterday, Wyatt came to me while I was in the kitchen and started pointing down the hallway, so I followed him into his room. He opened the cabinet on his dresser, and pointed to the shelf that had fallen down, wanting me to fix it... seriously, when did this kid get so stinkin smart on me??

4. Yesterday I was overcome with morning sickness, and there was Wyatt, right behind me patting my back (he has done it before, such a sweetheart!), and the promptly grabbed the handle and flushed the toilet in my face. Thanks love!

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