Saturday, October 6, 2012

Good Holy Hell I'm Bad at This

Enough said? Yup.

Let me catch you up...

Last time I wrote (March) I was knocked up! Yay!

April - Lance and I fought over whether or not to find out whether our newest little monster was a boy or a girl, the short story is that I won that argument, and you can find our sex reveal video here:

June: Wyatt turned 18 months old!! Wow... totally not ready for that. According to the health nurses and their on call pediatrician he is still starving to death, we're still waiting for him to keel over. I'm thinking that we might get a warning before it actually happens... like maybe he'll slow down or something. Who knows. Obviously not me, because I'm not qualified.

August: I spent the first half of the month praying that baby would take his time coming so that I had a few more weeks to tame my wild toddler, and spent the last half of the month so exhausted from taming said toddler that I could no longer stand to be pregnant any longer... Just as I did with Wyatt, I got huge, uncomfortable, and incredibly irritable toward the end, especially after Wyatt threw a shoe into someone's food when we were out to lunch. Thankfully I went into labor the next day and my prayers were answered when he arrived in perfect health after 15 hours of the most amazing labor I could have asked for on August 31st (a blue moon). Birth story to come, I promise it won't be as depressing as Wyatt's.

His name is Miles Ernest, and he is perfect.. at least for the next 8 months... when he starts walking I'll get back to you.

September: We came home from the hospital on September 1st, just over a full 24 hours after Miles' birth and spent the rest of the month adjusting to 2 under 2. It's really not nearly as bad as I expected. Miles is really mellow and relaxed for the most part. Stick a boob in his mouth and he's happier than a pig in shit. Wyatt has surprised us since becoming a big brother, he has calmed down 1000 fold and no longer throws shoes in restaurants... although he has discovered my greatest weakness, the Moby wrap, because contrary to it's purpose, it actually makes things a lot more difficult with an unruly toddler. Let's just say that I no longer try wear Miles while shopping.

October: AAAAND you've been updated! Yay! Once again I'm going to put my hand over my heart and swear that I'll be better this time... I should write this blog a ballad or something, for the number of times I've felt the need to apologize for my lackluster posting. It's just sad. Seriously.

Plans for the future? We have a Halloween 'Boo Bash' scheduled for the 27th, and Wyatt's 2nd birthday party in just under 2 months (WHHHAAAAT?) !! It's pirate themed this year and promises to be even better than last year's (which I totally neglected to post pictures of... didn't I say I was horrible at this blogging stuff?).

Speaking of birthday parties, planning and all that good stuff... of course, I discovered last week, much to my dismay, that Wyatt doesn't really like pirates. In fact he's scared of them, much like tunnels at the park and feather boas. As we were leaving my in-law's house my Mother-in-law grabbed a balloon from her drawer and blew it up for Wyatt (balloons are like kid-crack, and like any good toddler, Wyatt can't get enough of them). She turned the balloon so that he could see the skull pirate on the side, and he refused to take it. She turned the pirate away thinking maybe she could trick him but alas, he's smarter than us.

So I guess we'll see how this whole party thing goes. If anything, a bawling, cranky 2 year old dressed like a pirate it will make for good pictures to show off to his high school friends in 14 years when he misses curfew...

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