Saturday, October 6, 2012

Miles' Birth Story... Short Version

Very short version, actually.

I've been making birth announcements for people via my etsy shop* for several months now, and I've had the pleasure of reading several short birth stories from many different people so that I can create a unique, personalized announcement for them. It's been very rewarding and I finally got around to making one for Miles tonight (hell, I'm not sleeping anyways, I might as well stay up a little later right?).

So here is the short version. Had my membranes stripped at 1:30 (3cm), labored from about 3pm, tried to sleep around 11pm, woke up at 1am, got to the hospital at 2am (4cm), labored 2 more hours (5-6cm), had my water broken at 4:30 (8cm), prayed to the porcelain gods at 5. My Mom arrived at 5:15, I was checked at 6am (9cm), had to push at 6:01am (was told to stop), screamed that I had to push at 6:02 (was told to stop), said 'fuck you all, I'll catch this baby myself if I have to' (okay not really, but I wanted to) at 6:03, doc wandered in at 6:04, Miles came into the world, perfectly round head and all at 6:08am, and my whole world changed. Now I have 2 beautiful boys, and I couldn't be happier.

So here is Miles' birth story announcement:

*found here for those of you looking:

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