Monday, October 15, 2012

We Have Puppies!

I have to admit that as cute and wonderful as puppies are, I'm not entirely thrilled about them.

We've been feeding and sheltering a stray highway drop off dog since she found her way to our home about 2 months ago. At first I tried to take her to the SPCA but was told that I would have to pay for her spay and vaccinations first, and being the cheap ass that I am, I said 'I am NOT paying that much money for a dog that isn't even mine, I'll just find her a home myself!'. It was a great idea in theory, but do you want to know how many people are looking for a grown dog with no house training and are willing to drive into the boondocks to go get her? Not many, and being 39 weeks pregnant myself didn't help much. I put in the effort to find her a new home for about a week, and after that I was too self absorbed and miserable to care, and she was a good dog, so I wasn't in any hurry.

Miles was born about two weeks into her stay, and my giveashit went from poor to nonexistent. She wasn't harming anything, Wyatt loved her, and I was too busy to make myself lunch, much less search for a new home for a stray dog. A couple weeks later it became obvious that she was a package deal. We kind of knew that if she wasn't already bred when she arrived, she would probably be shortly seeing as Lance's dog, CJ is still intact (don't even get me started), but again the idea of paying to spay a dog we didn't intend to keep on our budget seemed ridiculous... so we procrastinated, and here we are. 

Missy has now been with us for just under 2 months, and her puppies have been with us since last Saturday... so I can safely say that since the gestation of a dog is 9 weeks, and she had only been with us for 7 when she had her puppies, we officially have 7 Idunowatdafuks on our hands to find homes for. So you can see why I'm not thrilled at the prospect of puppies... as if one dog wasn't enough to find a home for, I now get to find homes for her 7 offspring. We have decided to just have her spayed once the puppies are gone and keep her as a pet (Wyatt yelling 'Mimi!' out the window is too cute, she has officially won us over).

If anything, they're cute, and pretty cool looking. It's like buying one of those brown paper 'surprise' bags full of candy as a kid, and when you open it up GUESS WHAT! It's candy! Well GUESS WHAT! It's a dog! yaaaaaaay...

It's not like I'm a stranger to the whole finding-puppies-new-homes thing anyway. It seems as though every time I have a baby, I get puppies too... I may never procreate again for this very reason. Our other dog, Lily was pregnant the same time as me, and on day 2 of my induction (11 days overdue at that point) we got a call from our neighbor saying 'You've got puppies!'... I kid you not, I have never been more pissed off about puppies as I was in that moment. Something about the fact that even the stupid dog had beat me really chapped my ass, and my mood went from dismal to down right depressed. 

This is one of the many reasons why I'm not a dog person. The end.

So now here is my Miles with his new friend who I've already named Sully, the paper bag puppy, and a couple of Miles because ya know... he's cute and all.

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  1. These pictures are beautiful - you are so talented! I love his eye color and how his eyes show up so brightly in these! I wanted to comment, first of all because I've really been enjoying reading your blog and seeing your boy's past "adventures" - I have a Wyatt very close in age to your Wyatt! And I also wanted to comment because I *think* you wrote a poem on stretch marks that I found on Pinterest - I shared it on my blog because it was so beautiful and spoke right to me as far as how I feel about my own stretch marks. I wanted to make sure it was okay with you that I shared it on my blog as well (with proper credit to you of course!) - if you'd rather I not share it, let me know and I'll take it down! I hope you stop by sometime and say hello!