Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What We've Been Up To!

Hi internet!

Sometimes I wonder if anyone even reads this, but for those of you who do, HI! Nice to 'see' you here :) My kids are cute and I fancy myself as at least a little funny, so this probably won't be the very worst blog you stumble upon.

1st and foremost, as kids tend to do, mine have been growing like bad weeds. Wyatt talks a lot now. He says please, thank you and occasionally fuck (yeah... my fault). He counts to 7 and points out letters and colors, he also does puzzles and plays hide and seek. He is getting to be so much fun, I won't even start with how proud he makes me, I would spew Mommy nonsense all night if I had the time and energy.

Miles rolls now! He goes from his back to his belly where he promptly gets stuck, gets mad, shoves his face into the carpet and then gives up and lies there in a starfish position until I turn him over. He has been trying to crawl already (BAD BABY!) and babbles non stop. He is smilie and pleasant almost all of the time, it's wonderful. Unfortunately mid October he came down with RSV and developed pneumonia, so we've been trying very hard to keep him from getting sick again... and of course somehow the kids caught cold again this week and he has bronchitis now, my poor little squirt :(

My photography has been going really well lately. At Christmas I bought myself a brand new Canon 7D, and invested in studio equipment. It has been a lot of fun, and a great learning experience for me. Miles is going to have more baby pictures than he knows what to do with, since whenever I feel like practicing he is my obvious choice of guinea pigs. I haven't had too much work yet, seeing as it's the middle of winter and Christmas is over, but I've had 2 shoots in the past couple weeks and 4 more coming up later this week! I'm very excited and pleased that people seem to like my work :)